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We believe passionately that there is a better way to use your precious time than searching hundreds of websites looking for your dream property. 


Imagine searching for houses for sale in Bangkok or Villas for sale in Phuket. You would receive thousands of results. Now imagine seeing all those properties in one place. We want to save you those hours of jumping from one site to another so you can do something more exciting with your time.    

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Featured Properties in Bangkok

Just an example of thousands of properties available for sale and rent in Bangkok. click to see more

Featured Properties in Pattaya

Just an example of thousands of properties available in Pattaya

Featured Properties in Chiang Mai

Just an example of thousands of properties available in Chiang Mai

Featured Properties in Hua Hin

Just an example of thousands of properties available in Hua Hin.

Featured Properties in Phuket

Just an example of thousands of properties available in Phuket.

Featured Properties in Koh Samui

Just an example of thousands of properties available in Samui

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Too Many Sites

With c.6000 property websites in Thailand, it's nearly impossible to search them all. Thai-Move streamlines the process by bringing them all here, ensuring the best search for your dream property

Easy, Easy, Easy

Listing your property with Thai-Move is effortless, thanks to our user-friendly platform. With your own profile, clients can easily reach out to you directly.

Customer Experience

Find your dream property easily on a single website. Streamline your search, save time, and enjoy a hassle-free experience by accessing all available listings in one place.

Meet Our People


Dan Orloff
Senior Manager
Dan Orloff
Senior Manager

Dan is an accomplished organisational leader. He is exquisitely detailed, very affable and extremely customer focussed. He leads from the front and sets an example to those around him.

Jurgen Spath
Customer Manager
Jurgen Spath
Customer Manager

Jurgen moved from Germany to Thailand 7 years ago to work at Thai-Move after working in customer service in Germany. 

Napat Thongkham
Customer Services
Napat Thongkham
Customer Services

Meet Pat, an extremely capable Customer services manager with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals. Pat has a decade of real estate experience in Thailand, The US and Europe.

Nat Gerard
Customer Services
Nat Gerard
Customer Services

Meet Nat. A seasoned sales agent with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He has a natural built in desire to help people and one of his greatest strengths is his ability to connect with people on a personal level.

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One Stop
Searching for properties on one website benefits users by simplifying their search process. It saves time and effort, providing a convenient platform for comprehensive listings. With streamlined information, users can make informed decisions efficiently, maximizing their chances of finding their ideal property and reducing the stress associated with navigating multiple websites.
Sales & Rental
Our website offers a seamless experience by consolidating sales and rental properties in one convenient platform. Users can effortlessly browse through a diverse range of listings, whether they're looking to buy or rent, streamlining their search process and saving valuable time.
All Budgets
Discover properties to suit every budget on our platform. From affordable apartments to luxurious estates, we offer a diverse range of listings catering to all financial needs. No matter your budget, find your perfect property with us.
All Agents
Explore properties curated by top agents across Thailand on our platform. Benefit from their expertise and access exclusive listings, ensuring a seamless experience. Find your dream property with confidence, knowing you're working with the best in the industry.
Best Resuts
Discover your ideal property within your budget using our intuitive search filters. Customise your search based on price range, location, amenities, and more. With precise filters, finding the perfect property tailored to your budget has never been easier.
Get inspired by our blog section, where we share insightful articles, tips, and trends in the real estate industry. From home buying guides to interior design ideas, our blog offers valuable resources to empower your property search and enhance your living experience.

Updates From Our blog

check our our news and blogs section. its full of advice and opinion with articles relevant to the Thailand ​property market to help you make your decision to live in the most wonderful place in the world!

How much does it cost to join?

We have a very flat charging structure that is fair to all agents and agencies. Whether you are selling your own property or have many thousands to sell or rent, we have a package for you.. not only that but we have a full money back guarantee if we don't hit minimum expectations.

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